California Women’s Conference 2012 : An inspiring event.

ImageThis year, the California Women’s Conference, organized at the Long Beach Convention Center, brings together several artists, speakers, professionals and attendees over two festive days. Everyone could walk around the huge building to discover the different attending exhibitors, sit down to see activities on the main stage (singers, speakers, etc.) or listen carefully to lectures given by entrepreneur women.
In order to “offer its attendees inspiration, resources, and connections to help take the next step in business, personal development, health and wellness, or philanthropic endeavors”, the California Women’s Conference had been able to give a wide vision of what can be done for women in various sectors. 
From Marcia Cross to Fran Drescher to Melissa Manchester, many celebrities succeeded on the main stage to support women’s causes in front of an attentive audience. The California Women’s Conference has been organized for nearly thirty years now, and the enthusiasm for this inspiring event seems to increase year after year. Bionic Sisters Productions was proud to attend for two days and explore the many booths and personalities that made this event unforgettable!
For more information, visit the California Women’s Conference: 
By Matthieu Saint-Wril, Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence, Intern for Bionic Sisters Productions


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